Money Ideas is the client newsletter service for Canadian financial advisors – created by some of the most seasoned financial advisor marketers in the business. It’s designed to enhance your professionalism, promote your personal brand, and build deeper client relationships through regular communications.

Money Ideas is a four-page quarterly newsletter designed to support you and your unique business:

  • MULTIPLE FORMATS. It comes in two formats: print and PDF to help you reach clients in the way they prefer.
  • TWO VERSIONS. An ‘Investing’ version is ideal for IIROC licensed advisors and a ‘Mutual Fund’ version1 optimized for MFDA advisors so you’ll have communications that support your business.
  • ENGLISH & FRENCH. The Investing version of Money Ideas is available in both languages.
  • HELPFUL CONTENT. The ‘compliance-friendly’ content is timely and seasonal and is prepared to support your relationship with clients. Articles are designed to peak clients’ interest and the ‘call-to-action’ always drives them to start a conversation with you.
  • FRESH DESIGN. Money Ideas has a fresh, new design to reflect your professionalism. You can personalize it in all the familiar ways: photos, logos, contact info, custom titles and messages.
  • MORE MARKETING SUPPORT. Every issue includes a FREE sample client cover letter that you can personalize and include in your mailouts and/or emails for a complete and professional package.
Money Ideas

Ordering Schedule

Issue Order by Delivery
Q1 – Winter Early December Early January
Q2 – Spring Early March Early April
Q3 – Summer Early June Early July
Q4 – Fall Early September Early October
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1 The Mutual Fund edition is written primarily to support MFDA-licensed advisors who wish to communicate to their clients with useful mutual fund and mutual fund investing content. We attempt to prepare it to be considered for co-op funding by Mutual Fund companies. Jackson Advisor Marketing makes no promise or guarantee as to the availability of funding or suitability of any issue of the newsletter for funding. Any agreements on co-op funding are entirely a matter for the advisor, their dealer and the fund company itself.