More and more Credit Union Financial Advisors across Canada are using our investment content programs to build relationships and investment business. Why? We have the flexibility and high-quality content that makes our Credit Union member content services right for you.

  • Investment content centred around advisor conversations. Our content is designed to enable great conversations with members that build business.
  • Credibility and professionalism for your investment content. You can trust our useful, actionable and compliance-ready content.
  • Helpful, educational content builds members’ financial and investing confidence. Helping members feel confident about investing builds loyalty to you and your Credit Union's services.
  • Efficient use of limited resources. By outsourcing this specialized type of marketing, you can spend more time helping members.
  • Out-of-the-box easy or customized to your situation. Every Credit Union and advisor is unique! We can tailor a solution that works for you.

Our signature investment newsletters offer these great features:

  • MULTIPLE FORMATS. They come in two formats: print and PDF to help you reach members in the way they prefer.
  • TWO VERSIONS. An ‘Investing’ version is ideal for IIROC licensed advisors and a ‘Mutual Fund’ version1 optimized for MFDA advisors so you’ll have communications that support your business.
  • ENGLISH & FRENCH. The Investing version of the newsletter is available in both languages.
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Q1 – Winter Early December Early January
Q2 – Spring Early March Early April
Q3 – Summer Early June Early July
Q4 – Fall Early September Early October
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1 The Mutual Fund edition is written primarily to support MFDA-licensed advisors who wish to communicate to their clients with useful mutual fund and mutual fund investing content. We attempt to prepare it to be considered for co-op funding by Mutual Fund companies. Jackson Advisor Marketing makes no promise or guarantee as to the availability of funding or suitability of any issue of the newsletter for funding. Any agreements on co-op funding are entirely a matter for the advisor, their dealer and the fund company itself.